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Fall Outfits With Red Berets

If you are looking for a hat for the fall and winter seasons, then you should pay an attention to berets, for sure. Why should you focus on them? It’s all because they look stylish and chic and add a special charm to any outfits, they are easy to combine with almost all pieces of […]

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Outfits With Ruffle Hem Dresses

Are you looking for feminine summer outfit ideas? Then you should focus on airy dresses, of course. And today I want to show you some cool and stylish examples how you can combine a ruffle hem dress with other pieces of clothes, accessories and shoes. First of all, you should decide what length your dress […]

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Outfits With Lace Hem Shorts

Lace pieces of clothes are must-have items for summer days, so today let’s pay an attention to lace hem shorts that will be perfect for casual, beach and cocktail party outfits. You will easily find such type of shorts (you can even make them by your hands just sewing a lace trim to your favorite […]

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Short Haircuts For Women Over

If you are a lady over 40 and are looking for a chic short haircut, this roundup is right what you need. We’ve prepared some amazing ideas for various types of hair and both for those who prefer short hair and a bit longer hair. Get inspired! Short Haircuts If we take shorter lengths, a […]

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Casual Summer Wardrobe Staples For Girls

Most of us wear casual clothes much time and as it’s summer, it’s time to discuss summer staples for a stylish modern wardrobe (no old-fashioned stuff and anti trends here!). Plain Basic Tees A plain basic tee is a wardrobe staple for any season, it always works! It’s very versatile and you can create lots […]

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Winter Dresses Casual

Dress Warm This Winter in Casual Wear Layering is the key to staying warm this winter and looking great while doing it! There is nothing worse than suffering through a day at the office or an evening out freezing just so you can look good. Luckily and happily we can say these days are behind […]

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Crop Cardigan Outfit

In years past, when a person thought “cardigan”, images arose of a sweet grandmother or a 50’s-era dad with his paper and slippers by the fireside. But these days, cardigans have become the hot go-to fashion for almost every style, event and season. Available in an endless combination of colors, cuts, sizes and fabrics, a […]