Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Crop Cardigan Outfit

Crop Cardigan Outfit

In years past, when a person thought “cardigan”, images arose of a sweet grandmother or a 50’s-era dad with his paper and slippers by the fireside. But these days, cardigans have become the hot...
Looks with Pleated Culottes to Repeat

Looks With Pleated Culottes To Repeat

Every fashionista has culottes for this summer, cause they are stylish, comfy to wear and easy to combine. So I offer you to get them too (if you still don’t have such pants) as soon...
Pantsuits for Women

Pantsuits for Women

Modern pant suits are the modern woman’s equivalent of the man’s suit, just so much sexier, even when it is a business pant suit! In years gone by the pantsuit was modeled on the...
Cute Outfit Ideas

38 Cute Outfit Ideas

First of all let us know about the definition of cute. Cute is defined as attractive and pleasingly pretty. If we define the word cute for our outfits, it means that our outfits are nice and attractive so that...
Striped Pants Outfit

36 Striped Pants Outfit

This spring dots are hot and stripes are all the rage! I’ve been seeing them in every color, size and combination, and one thing has become clear – knowing how to wear stripes and...
Striped Shirt Outfit

50 Striped Shirt Outfit

This year has seen the emphatic return of stripes; everyone is wearing them, from Liz Hurley to Sophie Ellis Bextor. However, when wearing stripes, so many conundrums arise. What sort of stripes are you...