Electric Bicycles - Green Transportation Elegant Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycles - Green Transportation Elegant Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycles – Green Transportation

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Electric bicycles are one of the greenest forms of transportation there is.Green Electric bicycles are becoming more widely accepted, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently classified electric bicycles as bicycles, provided the top assisted speeds do not exceed 20 mph, total propulsive power does not exceed 1 Hp, and the vehicle includes fully functional pedals. Green Electric bicycles are the new way to get around. Green Electric bicycles are a fantastic method of transportation that allows you to get where you need to be in a fast, efficient and eco-friendly manner. An electrical bicycle offers you a lot more than freedom of movement.

Electric Folding Bicycle

Folding bikes come in a wide range of sizes and with a variety of features. Folding bikes are also especially convenient in cities and college dorms where space is an issue. Green Electric folding bikes present an excellent way for one to commute, as they provide all of the advantages of portability coupled with the benefit of electric assistance. A folding bike is a bike that is designed so that when not in use it can be folded into a much more compact size. Due to the nature of their folding mechanisms there is absolutely no risk of a bike collapsing while in motion we have made it a point to mention this as this is a legitimate concern experienced by those new to folding bikes; for those that are experienced, well, they share our confidence.

Electric Scooter

There are many different manufactures and styles of scooters with different characteristics. Motorized kick scooters are usually larger than non-motorized ones. Scooters had somewhat larger motors, but none of them produced more than one horsepower (746W). And are cheaper and less polluting than most conventional scooters and mopeds. Somebody may argue that the scooter still use the fuel indirectly (electricity). Silent Scooter brings affordable, high quality street-legal, green electric bicycles to America. Motorized scooters usually have hand brakes and often have larger, pneumatic rubber tires; and some have pedestal seats. Power scooters rely on multiple batteries and can weigh up to 90 kg (200 pounds). Lots of electric scooters, for example, are outfitted with nonfunctioning pedals and with speed-limiting devices designed for easy removal after purchase.

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Batteries and hub motor are positioned to lower the center of gravity, minimize rotational steering inertia and provide optimal balance about the steering axis. Batteries and bicycles can be used at very low temperatures. Green Electric bicycles use rechargeable batteries, electric motors and some form of control. Battery systems in use include lead-acid, NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion batteries. 90% of bikes today use sealed lead acid batteries, which cost about $45 to $99 to replace. An e-bike battery can be fully charged from a regular electrical outlet in less than 4 hours, costing less than 3 cents per charge.


About $25 worth of energy from a wall plug gets you 5,000 miles of travel at a fraction of the cost of gas vehicles, not to mention, a lot more fashionable. Charging the battery takes about four hours and costs just a few cents. Nevertheless, experts are optimistic that the green electric bikes will ultimately prevail because of the adverse environmental and health effects of automobiles and the rising cost of petroleum products. Green Electric bicycles cost about $5 worth of electricity a year. Bicycle. Battery costs are going down steadily with increasing demand. An electric bike costs anywhere $800 to $2000, depending on features. Did you know that riding an Green Electric Bicycle only costs Pennies per charge?

Electric Bicycles Green Transportation

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