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Pantsuits for Women

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Modern pant suits are the modern woman’s equivalent of the man’s suit, just so much sexier, even when it is a business pant suit! In years gone by the pantsuit was modeled on the male suit and cut according to the same styles. Pant suits were considered too masculine for many years, and were not permitted in any ‘fancy’ hotels, restaurants, or the workplace. Modern pantsuits have changed all that because they are cut according to the female figure and are fitted and stylish

The original pant suits were evening pant suits, and were worn by a few courageous women who were pioneers for the cause, such as Marilyn Monroe, Bianca Jagger, Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn. Unfortunately, although actresses were revered for their acting skills, they were also seen as being somewhat loose women, and society in general really did not feel that women of good standing should be seen wearing the same outfits, and definitely no woman with good Christian morals would be seen dead in a pantsuit!

Slowly but surely things began to change, and the greatest proponent of this change was Yves Saint Laurent, who designed a tuxedo for women, called Le Smoking in the late nineteen-sixties. Suddenly women had an outfit that took their body-shape into consideration, and something that they could wear with pride. The suit was very androgynous looking, but at the same time smouldered with sex-appeal.

Pantsuits evolved over the years, with more and more acceptance and more designers including them in their ranges, but even though they were fairly widely accepted as casual and evening wear by the mid seventies, it took until the eighties for them to be accepted in most workplaces, and it was only in the nineties that institutions such as the US Senate, Courthouses, and various other government institutions gave permission for their female staff to wear pantsuits to work.

Fortunately once the pantsuit revolution had started, and women realized how comfortable men had been all the years, dressed in suits, there was nothing stopping them. Society basically had no other option but to accept the pantsuit as an integral part of every woman’s closet. Once women realized how easy it was to transition from work to an evening function without having to go home to change, modern pantsuits were here to stay, no matter how much men, the old Mother Grundies or the Church had to say about it!

The variety of styles and fabrics that are available to day are legion! No matter the age, body-shape, financial status, race, religion or culture of a woman, there is a pant suit to suit your needs. Pant suits are fantastic because the are comfortable, easily adaptable for different functions, easy to wear, and can look professional, playful, sexy, or just fun, depending on the fabric, cut and style.

Whether you are looking for an outfit to wear to work, a wedding, your office function, on a vacation on a cruise liner, or just to lounge about at home, go out there and invest in one of the modern pantsuits that are available. Buy an outfit that is suitable for the function that you need it for, suits your figure, is incredibly comfortable, and also says something about your personality at the same time.

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