Trendy Dresses For Spring 2019

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Spring is the time to rock a comfy and beautiful dress, and we’ve prepared a bunch of gorgeous and very trendy spring dresses you may wear.

Mixed Print Dress

Mixing prints in one thing became popular some time ago, and now this trend is in full swing. Rock a dress of your dream mixing two very different prints together and achieve a one-of-a-kind look!

Prairie Dress

A prairie dress is one of the hottest trends of this spring, and it’s sure to be here this year. A prairie dress is a dress that used to be worn by girls living in the Wild West, it’s rather modest, vintage and features floral prints or lace. Pair such a dress with boots or shoes and a bag and go!

Polka Dot Dresses

Polka dots are considered a basic print but they are also on top of trends this spring. A polka dot dress of a color, length and design you like is totally welcome to make tour look fashionable. Get inspired!

a bright and colorful shirtdress with various prints, white booties and statement necklace
a moody floral prairie dress, black velvet boots and a blush bag for spring


a cool dress with stripe prints in various colors and a wicker bucket bag for a sea holiday
a dark printed midi prairie dress, white boots and a tiny green box clutch
a printed prairie dress, rust-colored velvet boots and a creamy bag with large tassels
a floral prairie dress, must velvet shoes, statement earrings for a trendy spring look

a black and white polka dot ruffled midi dress, a black leather jacket and yellow shoes
a blue maxi dress dress with large white polka dots, a blue leather jacket, electric blue shoes
a rust-colored polka dot midi dress, brown boots and a white denim jacket

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